Friday, February 24, 2012

Mr Sketch vs. The Stairs


It was an epic battle... Mr.Sketch vs. the Stairs. Mr. Sketch and his evil accomplice, Carter the Farter are fierce competitors. The Stairs and Mom, the Sidekick took some heavy lickin's. We definetly lost this battle... but we WILL win the war!!!!  Round two I'm enlisting the fighting power of my friend, Magic Eraser... and we WILL be victorious.  

Leave the kid alone for a few minutes while I get my gym clothes on and this is what I get. Thank heavens for washable markers. You can still see some of the marker so hopefully Mr Clean and his wonderful Magic Eraser will help get the rest! UGGGGH!!! At least he didn't grab a Mr. Sharpie that was in the same bucket.  The bucket is now HIGH up in the closet. One more month in this rental... hopefully we can make it with no permanent damage ;)

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