Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cumberland Splash Park

So there's a bunch of splash parks in Nashville... This was a Nashville Metro Park they just opened right by the Titans stadium... along the Cumberland River. (Like... you park in the Titan's Stadium parking lot.) Carter had mixed emotions. He LOVES playing in the water... but isn't the hugest fan of getting sprayed in the face... and this place's water streams were as thick as a fireman hose... and were really powerful... they'd knock the buckets out of their hands. For the first hour and a half we were there it was all smiles and splashing when the fountains were off... but then they'd turn on and Carter'd be stuck in the middle and would be screaming and crying... then I'd have to rescue him... over and over. By the end he had finally realized the shooting water wasn't going to kill him... but it took a lonnnnng time! His cute little friend Charlize was so sweet with him and would give him hugs and hold his hand... and they'd climb the stairs and toss the ball back and forth... I am so glad she was there!! ;)


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Russell and Trish said...

Steph..he is so stinkin' cute!!