Monday, June 11, 2012


We had the opportunity to go to the Iroquois Steeplechase races while here in Nashville! My friend Cassi and her boys came to visit us (ok, they came to visit their dad/husband... but I can pretend;). It ended up being a great time... the  boys just thought the horses were awesome. If you dont know, the steeplechase is the horseraces were they jump over the gates and sometimes thru trenches. We thought we might not get too close just paying for the cheap seats... but the boys were able to get right against the gate and the horses were only 10-15 feet away! We could feel the rush of the horses and they thundered by...

So in awe of the horses...

 WE were SOOOOOOO underdressed! Turns out they all dress Kentucky Derby style .... women in sundresses and huge fancy hats... alot of the guys wore dress shirts with shorts.... we also saw a lot of suspenders, bowties and vests... and cigars... and pastels... meanwhile we are in jeans and Carter is rockin his Bob Marley shirt!! (stole some pics off Cassi's website... sorry! I wasn't daring enough to snap pics of the outfits!)
Plus Cassi, who is a wonderful photographer... snagged these pics of Kestlee... and I love them!!

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